Katerini - under the spell of the Olymp you want to join? We can help you. But you have to run itself!! Copyright by Albrecht Sommer close to  the gods
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click here for 4 days click here for one week click here for according to your wishes 17th Olympus Marathon, 27th of June 2020 start 6:05h 9th Mythical Trail, 03rd of July 2020 44km 106km Here you can get information Registration for OM from 23.1. until 15.5.2020 3rd Olympus Ultra am 27th of June 2020 3rd Olympus Vertical am 26th of June 2020 71km start 4:00h 3,8km Fullservice in 3 variants 1240hm 6840hm 5200hm 3200hm start 6:00h start 17:00h